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Tri Planar Geonet

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Tri Planar Geonet
  • GeofanNet T
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Tri- Planar Geonet (GeofanNet T)
1. Tri-Planar Geonet (GeofanNet T) is a synthetic drainage material manufactured from the highest quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) structures.
2. Tri-planar Geonet  (GeofanNet T)  consist of centralized HDPE strands which the maintaining core structures provide higher transmissvity than bi-planar geonet.
3. Tri-planar Geonet (GeofanNet T) are generally designed to transmit fluids and gasses.

Geonets (GeofanNet T) are among the most proven geosynthetics drainage systems. Manufactured from two, or three strands of extruded hdpe which are overlayed across each other, this material forms a void within which water can be transmitted and reduces pore water pressure.

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The Applications of Tri- Planar Geonet (GeofanNet T)
1. Surface water collection and removal systems
2. Gas venting
3. Under-slab drainage and landfill drainage applications
4. Aggregate drains especially on very steep slopes or vertical walls
5. Ground gardens and water harvesting under sports fields


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