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Smooth Geocell

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Smooth Geocell
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Smooth Geocell (GeofanCell)

Smooth Geocell (GeofanCell) is an innovative cellular product that provides cost effective solutions for subgrade stabilization, erosion control and channel protection. GeofanCell is a lightweight, flexible cellular structure made of polyethylene strips, ultrasonically bonded together to form an extremely strong configuration of individual cell structures that confine soil or aggregates.

1. Smooth Geocell (GeofanCell) is a Three-Dimensional cellular confinement structure. Smooth Geocell is properly expanded on-site to form a honeycomb-like structure which can be filled with sand, soil or other site material.

2.The functions of Smooth Geocell(GeofanCell) are erosion control for slopes, drainage ditches, channels as well as geomembrane protection for landfills and reservoirs, geocellular walls offer strong, durable, green earth retention walls for cost-effective sub-grade stabilization.

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The Specification of Smooth Geocell (GeofanCell)

Weld spacing
Cell depthmm





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The Applications of Geocell (GeofanCell)

Horizontal Applications  - Geocell (GeofanCell) can be laid horizontally and filled with any site-won fill to provide instant subgrade stabilization by reducing the lateral displacement of aggregate materials, thus offering improved design life and reduced rutting.

Slope Erosion Control  - the individual cell structures of Geocell (GeofanCell)onfine the movement of soil material along the exposed surfaces of cut slopes during rain events. The pockets can be filled with topsoil to promote vegetal growth, which will further reduce erosion.

Channel Scour Protection - when filled with aggregate Geocell (GeofanCell) is used to protect hydraulic channels against scour action by increasing shear resistance.

Geocell (GeofanCell) can be supplied perforated (as the photograph illustrates) to allow free-flow of water and can be supplied with plastic fixings for easy and rapid installation.

Geocell (GeofanCell) are also used in Load Platforms, Soil Stabilization, Retaining Walls, Slope Erosion Control, Tree Root Protection, Flood Defence & Earth Retaining Walls

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